Mr. Glenn M. Figueroa, GLENCORP founder and current President & CEO, is the third (3rd) generation in a family involved in the leisure and entertainment business that marked the phenomenal debut of the amusement industry in the Philippines. He was directly involved in the operations aspect of their family business, which dominated the country's entertainment sector during the late 70's. In 1987, he established Fun Corporation, the country's pioneer in the themed entertainment industry. Eventually, he was managing a nationwide chain of entertainment attractions in major leisure destinations in the country.

Mr. Figueroa's expertise in entertainment operations paved way into ride and attractions manufacturing and reconditioning. Together with Zamperla S.P.A., the biggest Italian amusement ride manufacturer, they formed Zamperla Asia Pacific in 1996, which manufactured and fabricated rides for worldwide market. Mr. Figueroa became its President until year 2000. Another great opportunity came when Mr. Figueroa entered in a lucrative partnership with Chance Rides- one of the biggest American amusement ride manufacturers and E.K. Fernandez the biggest amusement operator in Hawaii. This partnership resulted to the formation of the Centennial Entertainment Corporation (CEC). CEC launched FunWorks, which became the country's first world-class amusement park, and the centerpiece of the Philippine millennium celebrations. CEC then went on to operate in the country's other key cities drawing about 1.7 million visitors during peak months. Backed by this success in operations, CEC ventured into Taiwan, and operated in Kaoshiung, Tai Chung, Taoyuan, and Taipei. At this time, Mr. Figueroa was already working with more than 450 highly experienced technical, creative and skilled managers and employees.

Mr. Figueroa's more than 30 years of hands-on involvement in themed entertainment concept & development, operations, manufacturing, ride reconditioning, themeing fabrication, set-up & management of indoor and outdoor entertainment projects, as well as other international world class ventures, made him an experienced investor and a major player in large scale indoor and outdoor operations, carving him a niche in the leisure and entertainment industry.